For:  Art and Rugs by Design:  for custom rug designs to your specifications by LaVerne

Give us a concept, which might be motivated by one of these: A theme, sizes, shapes, fabrics, paint chips, wallpaper, photos of a painting, and digital photos of your room. The concept might be some or all of these.

The more information that you give us, the accurate will be our vision of your dream rug.

Example Design Concept: 
The R.F. Williams painting of Boca Grande Light House, Paint chips of colors used in the Living Room and Dining Room, and the colorful floral fabric with a burst of colors were central in the creation of the two designs. The client expressed a desire for rugs with a white field as a dramatic contrast to the rich blue wall color. They also wanted the design of the living room rug to work around the furniture arrangement, so using the designer’s scaled furniture layout drawing created the design.

Example Design Concept

A color Digital Rendering is sent to you based on your size, design, and pom color selections, so that you can get your client’s approval. The rug designer can also discuss the project with you by phone.  Corner samples of the rugs may be ordered, and they are recommended for approval by the client.

Example Design Concept 2

Eve’s Garden
The corner sample of the 60 knot custom rug woven in Nepal is what you see before the final production of your custom hand made rug. Large size rugs such as this 11 foot by 14 foot rug are often impossible to find. Custom sizing and colors to your exact specification are exactly what we are about.

Eve’s Garden


For Delos Rugs:

Review the Delos product page on this site, which features a collection of their newest designs. Next, click their web link to view a large selection of Delos Rug Designs. On their site you may select the design, shape, and colors from their pop up pom box, and print a copy. Contact Art and Rugs by Design for custom rug designs, samples, and yarn colors, and we will assist you with the process.

For Brintons’ Fine Residential Carpets:

Review the Brintons’ Product page on this site (COMING SOON), which features the 2016 carpet catalog with their newest designs in Axminster, Tufted, and Wilton carpets.
Contact Art and Rugs by Design for custom carpet & rug designs

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